Surya understands that the purchase of an area rug is an investment. Our robust sample program includes a sample option for each of our rug designs. Samples enable customers to clearly view the color, texture and pile height of a specific rug, simplifying the rug selection process and minimizing the need for returns. 

Samples are available to the trade only.
Available samples:

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  18" Corner Sample
18" corner samples provide a true to scale representation of a 5' x 8' rug design.

• Cost: $25 per sample
• Customers can swap samples for only the cost of freight

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6" Swatch
6" swatches provide an ideal way to evaluate rug color and texture. 

• Cost: $5 per swatch
• Available for all solids and most flatweave rugs
• Customers can swap swatches for only the cost of freight

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  6" Ringset
6" ringset provides a convenient option to evaluate multiple colors.

• Cost: $20 per ringset
• Available for all solids and most flatweave rug
• Can be used with 6" Ringset Swatch Display

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  Sample Blanket
Blankets are well-suited for comparing rug colors and evaluating texture. 

• Cost: $20 per rack blanket; $35 per large blanket
• Available for all solids and selected flat weave rugs
• Customers can swap blankets for only the cost of freight
• Can be used with Blanket Rug Display
• FREE large blanket with any 5' x 8' or larger rug placed in a vignette or rack

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  2' x 3' Sample
A 2' x 3' sample is a scaled down version of the full rug, providing a convenient way
to evaluate the complete rug pattern. 

• Cost: varies by rug
• Samples cannot be swapped
Please note that the tones or shades in a particular rug may vary slightly from the sample based on natural variations in yarns and dyes. Customers are responsible for freight costs on all samples.