Boost Your Accessory Sales With Surya Displays

Benefits of Displays

  • Effective displays can turn dead or under-utilized space into a profitable sales center
  • Displays engage consumers, leading to immediate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Displays minimize inventory costs and returns while highlighting product variety
  • Surya displays are flexible, enabling retailers and designers to easily update samples based on changing needs

How to Maximize Display ROI

  • Select a display based on your space, layout and business objectives
  • Identify a prominent, well-lit location for the display
  • Update the display regularly with fresh samples based on demand and trends
  • Work with your Surya Sales team to identify the best sample set for your store
  • Ensure sales associates receive regular Surya training

To place an order or inquire about pricing and promotions, please contact your Surya Sales Rep or call 1-877-275-7847.

Hanging Rug Display (6x9 & 9x12)


Item #: RACK-69 (6x9)
Item #: RACK-912 (9x12)


Details: This versatile display solution enables retailers to demonstrate a strong presence in the area rug business while allowing customers to see the entire product and easily evaluate style, color and texture while in the store.

  • Both size options accommodate (40) rugs with (20) swing arms
  • Choose samples from over 5,000 designs
  • Rugs can be sold directly off rack


(RACK-69) 174"W x 80"D x 108"H
(RACK-912) 198"W x 116"D x 144"H


Gliding Rug Rack


Item #: GLIDRK-B


Details: This wheeled display is the ultimate in flexibility allowing you to take it to any location within the store where it may be needed. Once you arrive at your destination the wheels easily lock into place and then unlock to move again.

  • Modern, compact design
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with (300) wood hangers and (300) 18” samples
  • Choose samples from over 5,000 designs
  • Surya will switch out slow-selling samples with new ones at no cost except for shipping
  • GLIDRK-B-SAMPLE (samples included) GLIDRK-B (samples not included)

 Dimensions: 60”W x 32”D x 70”H


Design Gallery


Details: This visually engaging design encourages designers and customers to interact with the display.

  • Holds (180) flush 18" samples (included with tower)
  • Choose samples from over 5,000 designs
  • Samples can easily slide across rod for easy viewing
  • Comes with coordinating wood hangers
  • Surya will switch out slow-selling samples with new ones at no cost except for shipping

 Dimensions: 95"W x 21"D x 90"H


Design Center

Item #: RACK-1818-END, RACK-1818-CENTER, RACK-1818-END

Details: The Design Center is comprised of three modular towers that can be organized by various attributes, including construction, trend or lifestyle.

  • Holds (50) 18" samples
  • Choose samples from over 5,000 designs
  • Includes (50) samples
  • Each sample includes an image of the full rug, additional colorways and available sizes
  • Surya will switch out slow-selling samples with new ones at no cost except for shipping

 Dimensions: 63"W x 18"D x 84"H


2' x 3' Display Rack

Item #: RACK-23

Details: As a versatile sales tool, the display rugs can be used as samples or sold to customers. All Surya rugs are available in the 2' X 3' size.

  • Holds (32) 2' X 3' samples
  • Choose samples from over 5,000 designs

 Dimensions: 63"W x 36"D x 81"H


Pillow Tower


Details: Featuring a sleek, non–intrusive design, the novel display can be coordinated with a vignette to help drive overall accessory sales.

  • Holds 15+ Surya down or poly-filled pillows
  • Holds pillows ranging in size from 18" X 18" to 22" X 22"
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy metal frame construction allows easy movement
  • Does not include pillows

 Dimensions: 24"W x 24"D x 87"H


Rug Pad Display


Details: Rug pads provide a durable, long lasting foundation for a rug. Not only do they bring comfort and cushion to the rug, but they also protect floors underneath and reduce movement, bunching and slippage.

  • Holds up to 25 rug pads of various sizes
  • Choose from 6 rug pad styles available for all rug sizes

 Dimensions: 30"W x 31"D x 73.5"H